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You have the Hardware and the Software but is your WETWARE ready?

Ruiz identifies 3 simple characters within us and then explains how the choices we make either bring success or cause us to stay stuck. More importantly, he teaches how you can get unstuck and begin to move in the direction of your dreams.
Dr. Tom Barrett
International Author, Speaker, Consultant

"Every individual, team and organization would benefit greatly from what Enrique has to share!"

Vernice "FlyGirl" Armour
Author of "Zero to Breakthrough"
America's First African-American female combat pilot

... "great book. It will power and inspire people to be better and to be more, do more and achieve more..."
James Malinchak
Coauthor of the best-selling book "Chicken Soup for the College Soul" and 2 time College Speaker of the Year

"... Ruiz takes the concepts that the world's most successful CEOs, innovators, athletes and scientists live by... and presents them in a way that is accessible, engaging and relatable."
Taylor Mallory
Former editor of PINK magazine

... "this is an amazing book... it will totally help and inspire you."

Kristi Frank
As featured on Oprah, MSNBC, The Today Show and Season #1 of Donald Trump's "The Apprentice."

Glenn Morshower
Movie Actor and International Speaker. Credits include CSI, Air Force One, 24

"I really enjoyed your talk and could relate to many of the stories and the points you made as many did."
C. Niesman

Ruiz encourages LMLA members to "Build your personal brand - Make YOUR Difference Make a Difference!"
Lockheed Martin Leadership Association

"You definitely have a talent and skill for teaching, presenting, and drawing in the crowd."
S. Grich

Video Company Materials

Judge, Writer's Digest 21st Annual Book Awards - 2013

In Wisher, Washer, Wishy-Washy, author Enrique Ruiz encourages readers to become successful by embracing their chosen destinies rather than falling through the cracks by becoming 'Wishy-Washy.' We all need to stand on our own two feet, ignore those who will point out how difficult the paths we have chosen are and that we are surely doomed to fail so why bother trying? Using a fictional example of a boy who grows to be a man, Ruiz points out all those moments in time when our lives could have changed course... Are we Wishers, those who talk and dream of becoming successful but never take action to get there? or are we Washers, men and women of action who embrace those special opportunities that come our way?

Ruiz presents readers with numerous stories about real people, dreamers who dared to dream and succeeded, and mingles them with some very inspiring quotes.

This is an uplifting read that truly inspires us to be the best we can be.

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[Ruiz] has turned his extraordinary life lessons into an easily understood but powerful concept of introspective self evaluation and achievable action. His fictional approach to non-fictional self-help principles places you, the reader, in the story and, therefore, responsible for the ending -- your success.
Ed Armstrong, Col, USAF (Ret)
Lockheed Martin Master Program Manager (Ret)

A common sense approach to analyzing events, choices and turning points of our own lives. Ruiz gives us common terms, with deep meaning, to help define our positions and quests in life."
Dr. Denis Waitley, Author, Speaker, Consultant
"Seeds of Greatness". One of America's most respected authors, keynote lecturers and productivity consultants on high performance human achievement. 10 million audio programs sold in 14 languages.

... "excellent book. This motivating, entertaining book gives you steps to take and a track to run on to achieve tremendous success in every area of your life."
Brian Tracy, Author, Speaker, Consultant
"No Excuses, The Personal Self-Discipline". Legendary Speaker, Author, Trainer, & Consultant. Spoken to over 5 million people worldwide

Gerry St. Onge"Great book! What a powerful compilation of wisdom! Concepts from the book come up often now as I interact in all the stuff that I do and I'm sure I will be reaching back to it time and time again. An absolute treasure!"
Gerry St. Onge, President when they apply truth and honesty to training, competing and life itself, they become true champions. They become Washers. This conclusion is based on more than 50 years of experience in coaching the sport of Track & Field at the local, national and international level. Wisher, Washer Wishy-Washy is a very high class book."
Harry Groves, Track & Field Coach
11 American record-holders, 21 National champions, 14 Olympians and 227 All Americans

Howard Cohen"I love your Book (my wife gave me your book as a Christmas present)! Your book is chock full of inspirational quotes and concrete exercises to improve my life. I can definitely relate to your 'Child' Story..."
Howard Cohen Financial Analyst, Lockheed Martin"I liked this book. The format and presentation is easy to read and rich with content that is both practical and applicable to anyone's personal growth. There is also a depth in the subject matter that reflects the author's extensive knowledge of the growth process."
Dr. Bob Turknett
Author of Decent People, Decent Company; How to Lead with Character at Work and in Life. Executive leadership coach and licensed psychologist with over 28 years of consulting experience.

Gene Perry"Ruiz gets to the heart of personal success - self-awareness, assuming responsibility for one's actions, setting goals, and working tirelessly to continuously improve and advance forward. Highly recommended for anyone seeking inspiration and practical guidance on their personal and professional development journey!"
Gene Perry, Sr. Program Manager
Lockheed Martin

Kids Feedback to Wisher Washer Concept, coupled with Academics

Rick is a regular speaker at schools. Here is a sampling of how students react to the Wisher, Washer message. For Elementary school children feedback see

  • Not many things should bring me down. I should chase my dreams no matter how hard it seems. I will not give up easily anymore. JJ
  • I create my own future, and if I keep wishing about things and don't actually do something, I will not be all I can be. Don't Quit! I will keep on pushing and even if I fail, I will try even harder. DB
  • We have choices. We will go through many phases in our lives and it's our job to get past not. I will stay out of trouble and improve my grades. CO
  • It does not matter how many times you fail as long as you get back up again. DD
  • Sometimes you have to pay some prices in order to achieve your goals. JA

  • Work hard, achieve later. GB
  • Today I learned that you must suffer and endure the pain in order to be successful. NF
  • I learned that even if I don't like doing something I need to continue to put my best foot forward. Work harder to improve my work ethics to get a higher GPA. BL
  • I learned it's OK to wish, but be a Washer. I will stop trying to impress everyone else and take hold of my future and achieve my goals. JO
  • When I am lazy get up and do it because I will be a champion. JS
  • Stick to what you want to do and don't flip-flop to other things if you want to be successful. Stay focused on one thing at a time. BH

  • I learned that instead of wishing for things I should actually do it and take action. JJ
  • I would rather be a Washer that a Wisher, because a Wisher doesn't really get anywhere in life. Make an effort to do my homework/classwork and only focus on my future and conquer the difficult things. TG
  • I need to be a Washer, go out and make success and it starts in High School. I used to be Wishy-Washy but now I'm only a Washer and I wash hard. MA
  • Choose your future and make dreams reality. Do not Wish and think it would happen without work. CO
  • Through hard failures life becomes easier and that while bad things happen now, later good things happen. Spend less time watching TV and playing games and spend more times on work/study. AL

  • Not to give up. I can be a Wisher, Washer. We choose what road to take. Work on my grades and never give up. RA
  • I learned that anything is possible and you would be a Washer which means work for what you want. Study and start working on becoming a doctor now. CS
  • Be What I Want to Be. GA
  • I will study! I'm thinking right now that if I want to be better, be successful, I have to keep on moving forward. Don't let anyone put me down. Who cares what other say. What matters is what I think and what I'm gonna do to make it happen. I am who I am. Thank you Mr. Enrique Ruiz. DV
  • Be dedicated and do't quit when things get hard. MA

  • Try my best. I learned also to make the right choices. BM
  • Every people should have a dream. Then work hard. At last, become a Washer. I will study hard for technology and math in college and High School. This is very important to realize my dream. ML
  • Today I learn that when you fall down you are the only one who select if you want to stand up. You can make it. I will try to be better and try to be a professional and have motivation. JP
  • Don't quit. Keep moving forward and don't stop believing. I would not let anything or anything get in my way. MS
  • Don't stop because you have a blocker or a struggle. Have perseverance and stay motivated. Do not give up. "BE A WASHER." PM

  • Spend less time on other things and concentrate on my goals. YC
  • I will never quit trying no matter how many times I fail. DS
  • Going out and making something of yourself can make a big difference in the world. Change the world with the things I'm going to help the people and my future. TM
  • You should always be a leader. DW
  • I can do anything when I grow up and I have to stay in school by doing it. RA
  • We have choices to make and those choices will soon go along with our life.
  • Try harder to be a Washer and not a Wisher hoping things will magically happen. Work first, then play. WJ
  • I learned that I can be a Washer in my life. CT
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