Wisher Washer Wishy Washy

This book blends time-tested philosophy with a host of modern-day tools for the psyche exemplifying them through the story of one young man's life.


 You will read about successful and inspirational men and women who've defied great odds and bounced back from repeated failures to change the world.

Washers wash away the obstacles in life and use the power of water to give life to their ideas!

Endorsed by James Malinchack

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The Formula

Calculate Your Success Potential

Success Potential

The number of people who will reap my benefits.

Innate Attributes

Advantages I was born with, such as health, speed, dexterity and memory.

Acquired Attributes

Skills I have learned, been trained in and polished - such as my technical education, degree or specialized experience.


My proficiency and application of such things of such things as text messaging, standardized manufacturing procedures, international standards, e-mail, high-speed internet, social networking, computers or new equipment, or software.

Number of Tries Before Success

Number of Failures

Always expressed as NT or NT-1

Mental Attitude

Factors range from -1 to +1, as illustrated in the next chart.

People You Know

Those you know who can directly benefit from your product or service.


All people are Wishers!

Early in life we may be wishing forward for the good grades, the ideal job, a new house, a better car or a happy marriage


Later in life many are wishing backwards for the things and actions they should have, could have done to make their dreams come true. I should have studied for that good grade, finished my degree for that ideal job, saved up for the house I wanted before it got out of reach or.... 

wish (n):
1. A desire, longing or strong inclination for a specific thing. 2. An expression of a desire, longing or strong inclination; a petition.
3. Something desired or longed for.


wish (v):
To have or feel a desire.


Who are the successful people?

Those are the individuals who wash away all obstacles in their way to forge a path to their goals. They are like the mighty river that carve the rock in the Grand Canyon, or the mighty seas who carry the big ships from continent to continent. Water is necessary for life but it its gentle look is misleading for it has power to give life.


wash (v.):
To cleanse. To flow over, against or past. To carry, erode, remove or destroy by the action of moving water. To be carried away, removed or drawn by the action of water. to be revealed eventually. To turn out well in the end.

Wishy Washy

Some people do this, and do that, but not enough to really become an authority. They make progress but dabble in too many things, too many ideas, too many insecurities to establish a firm path to success.


wish-y-wash-y (adj.):
Lacking in strength of character or purpose; ineffective.

About the Author

Rick floundered in school at an early age living in two countries, Mexico and the USA.


In time, I earned an MBA from the Heriot-Watt University in the UK. My In time, I learned to appreciate the value of learning. My work ethic improved, and as I built my career several individuals took me under their wings, giving me new insights into leadership.



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