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This book is designed to help you identify and focus on the things that can slowly tear your love apart - so you know what warning signs to look for and to avoid. Plus, find out how to reignite your bruised relationship

Love Lost: 365+ Ways Couples Grow Apart & How To Reclaim Your Closeness.
101 Ways Men Pee

Have some fun with number 1! This is an illustrated guide to a primitive need that is executed daily, with fashion, worldwide.


Every day there are news stories of corporations large and small losing market share, facing discrimination suits or dealing with internal distracting gripes which collectively illustrate a detrimental impact on profitability, team synergy and innovation draining precious company recources.

This comprehensive and authoritative 600 page, one-of-a-kind book, answers the questions you were afraid to ask and provides insights into the spectrum of human potential.  

Discriminate or Diversify
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