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Might Little One
Mighty Little One

A children's book introducing young readers into the power of wishing and dreaming while turning those wishes into a "washer" mindset to wash away life's obstacles.


This book is designed to help you identify and focus on the things that can slowly tear your love apart - so you know what warning signs to look for and to avoid. Plus, find out how to reignite your bruised relationship

Love Lost: 365+ Ways Couples Grow Apart & How To Reclaim Your Closeness.
Los Love Book
Sarah Ruiz and Rick Ruiz
Ways Men Pee
101 Ways Men Pee

Have some fun with number 1! This is an illustrated guide to a primitive need that is executed daily, with fashion, worldwide.

LOVE Adventure Game
Love Adventure

A unique win-win game that can be played by couples of ALL persuasions. Even when you lose, you win!

Love Adventure Board Game Patent 9,636,570 issued May 2, 2017 (supplements design patent D711,969 for Yin-Yang Game Piece issued Aug 26, 2014

I Am Hurt

When you just cannot find an elegant way to express yourself. Hallmark type cards that convey hurt in a respectable and considerate fashion to help improve communications between individuals. Cards are printed on relatively elegant card stock. Several topics, designs and sentiments for:

  • Teen’s

  • Adult

  • Sibling

  • Co-Worker

  • Friendship

  • Family

Examples (1st Sentence is on the outside of the card. Second sentence is on the inside to get the conversation started):

  1. The silence hurts. I wish we could have found a way to communicate.

  2. Our family has been divided. Bonds are meant for family unity not family feuds.

  3. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Let’s pull this team together and kickass.

Every day there are news stories of corporations large and small losing market share, facing discrimination suits or dealing with internal distracting gripes which collectively illustrate a detrimental impact on profitability, team synergy and innovation draining precious company recources.

This comprehensive and authoritative 600 page, one-of-a-kind book, answers the questions you were afraid to ask and provides insights into the spectrum of human potential.  

Discriminate or Diversify
Value of Diversity
Personal Success
Personal Success Action Guide

Are you proactive, reactive or inactive? The old adage of “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail” almost always holds true but where people really fail is not knowing how to make the plan.


This is an EASY set-by-step "how to" manual that enables the reader to discover personal hidden assets, gives ideas and optimum ways to apply them for success. This how-to manual is full of templates, tools, stories and guides to help launch a business (or a career).


It is based on real world examples. The desire to achieve can in fact become a reality, regardless of your circumstances, if you have a plan. This workbook becomes your guide. 

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